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Video editing that’s always a cut above.

Description of Software

It is designed for professional non-linear video editing. It can be used to monitor the change and improve the quality of video files of 4K resolution and higher. It disposes of all the necessary features to create professional high-quality videos.
The software provides access to a revolutionary workflow mechanism for creating video files, emphasizing efficiency and productivity. This is achieved by using the Adobe Mercury Playback engine, which runs on 64-bit systems. In addition, it includes the advantage of being able to process the latest digital video formats, without the application of any coding processes.
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Software capabilities

As a unique set of tools for creating videos, Adobe video editor opens the following possibilities for users:

  • consolidation of activities with group programs. This involves working together in a video editor of several users online at the same time. A number of Adobe products, including Premiere Pro CC, support built-in settings that allow project participants to manage workflow, resolve conflicts, and track activities from anywhere in the world;

  • providing the ability to work with subtitles. Thus, the user can perform manipulations with the content, change the period of appearance and location of the content, as well as create visible and embedded subtitles;

  • available options colours offer a real opportunity to quickly choose the secondary colour HSL, to work with files HDR10 and use of improved metadata support, colour space;

  • identification in virtual reality mode. The software helps users to automatically detect video format in virtual reality mode;

  • the software startup window allows users to explore the functions provided by the software, the available options for working with the video, and recommendations for creating projects based on the example;

  • automatically add missing fonts, by integrated activities with Typekit, from where the fonts are imported;

  • consolidation of added media files, which makes the process of managing them easier and more convenient;

  • use additional native formats, including native Qt DNxHD/DNxHR and RED Helium.

Software update

Now, video editing with Adobe provides users even more options, thanks to the following updates:

  • the updated "library" operating environment makes the content search process easier by the possibility of applying filters;

  • improve the workspace to make it more convenient for users to use the Toolbox;

  • the subtitles, which were hidden in the previous versions of the program have now become a regular;

  • possibility to publish the created video instantly on various digital platforms or in popular social networks;

  • quick and easy use of different colours and effects with convenient and accessible controls;

  • having the potential to create smooth transitions between multiple frames without having to cut out the narrative material, this is made possible by the new face tracking and interpolation option;

  • add new options such as search cells, an optimized user interface that supports HiDPI, feature-rich workflows, updated master clip effects, and advanced timeline search;

  • maintaining a similar interface structure to the previous ones, keeping the learning curve to a minimum, offering a modified timeline, improved multimedia management, and optimized colour score;

  • the possibility of using sound effects Audition. Users are able to apply updated high-quality sound effects in real time with audio transmission accuracy;

  • optimize and improve performance. Now users can create video files with significantly fewer time thanks to the support of Apple Metal technology and other GPU functions, including the "Offset" function.

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Samuel, IN
A very pleasant experience, indeed! Very helpful support team, replying promptly to my concerns and queries Will buy any software I need from here. Thank you once again, Dr Sam Cherian
L. Smart, AU
Yes, this is a fully-featured license from Adobe; there are no differences between this product and the commercially priced version!
Robert, US
I appreciate the help the support team provided with the installation on my computer. The tech spent well over three hours trying to get the product installed and the licensing handled. We went through numerous restarts and they always responded promptly after I sent a password for the remote access to my computer. I will highly recommend your company to others for software purchase. Thanks again.
Johnny Atle, NO
I'm very happy with the way everything went during buying and installation. Everything went smooth and the guidance video was very helpful and easy to understand.