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Edit, mix, record, and restore audio.

General description: Adobe Audition CC 2019 (for MAC)

This program is an audio editor that is designed to perform various manipulations with audio files on MAC computers, namely:

  • recording songs;

  • post-production albums;

  • use as a supplement to the video editor Premiere, which includes a compressor, developer, limiter and noise port in a completely simple tool.

Adobe Audition CC 2019 MAC can be described as a special set for professionals who are processing audio and video files, thanks to which they get a huge potential in their activities. It does not cause difficulties in operation and at the same time is very flexible and convenient. The program you can use for:

  • production of high-quality master copies;

  • edition;

  • mixing;

  • processing;

  • applying a variety of sound effects.

In simple words, everyone who installs this Adobe Audition CC for MAC acquires a real mini-recording Studio equipped with simple but effective instruments.
Adobe Audition CC 2019 MAC is one of the Adobe programs that is included in Adobe suit. Today it is the best audio editing software.

Advantage of the program

If you are still in doubt about Adobe Audition CC download, then appreciate the benefits of Adobe software:

  • support files with 32-bit depth and sampling rate exceeding 192kHz. Ability to write to different types of media. You can get good results when processing audio files by processing in 32-bit resolution;

  • ensuring quality work in a short time by providing the necessary tools. You will have access to any manipulation with minimal time, thanks to a convenient interface. The presence of floating panels will help to organize the work according to your preferences;

  • speeds up the sound editing process with advanced music editing software;

  • automatic aligns speech and dialogue, makes it possible to replace the sound on the Studio without asynchronous simply.

Software updates

Updated music recording software includes:
1. Cuts a fragment from the selected point in the record. This means that you can create an audio recording using the perforation method and roll with the function of pre-roll, visual countdown and re-kick. If you make mistakes during the recording process, you have the opportunity to delete them and continue working on the recording without interruption;
2. Ability to instantly increase the time interval of the clips you have selected. This includes quickly scaling to the desired time range of certain audio segments using the zoom menu command;
3. Adjust the length and speed of this fragment for a particular frame by entering the parameters manually. This includes the ability to change the time interval and parameters for the selected frame;
4. The updated program automatically mutes the ambience sound for a smoother transition from one clip to another;
5. Push the sound up and down. Now it has become available to move the clamp up or down using a special key combination. You can simply move the given sound segments by controlling them using the keyboard.
6. The appearance of two effects that were not in previous releases:
6.1. DeReverb. This helps to estimate the reverb profile and makes it possible to control the amount of reverb. Using this effect, you can smooth the recording, over saturated with reverb or short echo, and has a convenient and attractive interface. With this feature, you can choose how many times you will need to use DeReverb to control the focus and gain button both automatically and manually.
6.2. DeNoise. Now you can instantly reduce noise in real time, without fingerprint noise or complicated parameters. This effect will help you eliminate unnecessary noise from the recording, as well as help to adjust the volume level, reduce noise and gain, as well as allow you to listen to distant noise in isolation.

How to buy

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