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Make a big scene bigger.

Concept of Adobe After Effects

What is Adobe After Effects? Visual effects are widely used in the creation of movies and TV shows. But today it is increasingly possible to find these effects even in short videos. Their creation is possible thanks to such a powerful graphical tool as Adobe After Effects.
Adobe AE is a professional software tool designed to create graphics effects that will help you achieve great results. It has many control functions, a wide range of tools for creating graphics and involves interaction with various applications for the final processing of video files.
After Effects CC 2019 includes the live 3D Pipeline option, which allows you to use the Cinema 4D scene as layers in your work-without intermediate rendering. You will bring the exchange of works without leaving the application and open new options when they become available. You also have the option to combine processed video files into one.

What's new

For everyone who has made an After Effects download to his MAC, new options of the latest version of this software have become available:
1. The presence of an extensive set of functions that contribute to the formation of symbols for modelling the grid. The options that have been updated allowing you to perform various manipulations with the animation: twist, tilt, bend, scale;
2. Support for 3D depth channels. This allows you:
2.1. Work on the video file using the Cinema 4D function and transfer characters and objects into three-dimensional space.
2.2. Create more natural visuals using a variety of depth of field objects that are only available in the updated version of the software. These same functions can be used to create images in 3-d format.
3. The development of expressions has become easier and is performed in a short time. The program is equipped with a JavaScript expression engine, which increases the speed of expression processing by 6 times, this function has accelerated the process of creating a video file and made it more successful.
4. The updated program provides the ability to produce animated graphics that adapts to length variations and maintains the accuracy of protected keyframes. You can transfer your projects as animated graphics templates to simplify the editing process.
5. Change the colour of individual bands using the Lumetri Color function. This means that you can select and change the colours of specific ranges and areas using the new tool.
6. The presence of the plugin Mocha AE, having GPU acceleration. This feature is specially designed to produce flat tracking quickly and clearly. The updated software is equipped with a user-friendly interface, as well as the ability to seamlessly interact with After Effects.
7. The opportunity to work on creating a video format VR 180. Users can now support dynamic video format 180 VR, as well as the use of VR functions. Now you can work alternately with content 180 and 360. The created video files can be published in Google VR 180 format on different digital platforms.
8. Increase your ability to create more video files and optimize your GPU. The latest version of the software features GPU optimization options. Warp wave feature now supports multi-threading, rendering speed increases several times, this is achieved with a multi-core processor.
9. It has become available to support the updated workflow templates with "minimal change", "redistribution time", sound effects, motion blur, expressions, masks and shapes, 3D camera and light sources.
10. There is a new tool with which you can quickly separate the elements in the foreground from the background.

Where to buy

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