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Fast Forward eLearning

Adobe Captivate 2019 creates interactive and mLearning content, especially for software demos and training simulations.

Adobe Captivate 2019 allows you to create engaging e-Learning courses within minutes. This easy-to-use tool has 25,000+ assets store content. Using this tool, you can seamlessly go from storyboarding to responsive learning across mobile and desktop devices. In addition, automated branching allows you to create courses quickly by copying and applying the style and appearance of an object. You can also create immersive learning environments using 360deg media assets that your learners will be able to experience with VR headsets. These are just a few of the many features that Adobe Captivate offers.

Jumpstart Compliance course creation using ready-to-go slides. Quick Start Projects allows users to quickly create mobile-ready projects. It contains all the slides needed to build a course, including introduction, objectives, scenarios, menus, interaction, quizzes, and menus. You can also plug and play your content into ready-to-go slides.

Convert PowerPoint content into interactive videos. You can record your PowerPoint content as video and overlay knowledge check questions and fantastic interactions on top. You can simultaneously record PowerPoint content with webcam video and add voiceovers and interactions such as drag and drop, click, and reveal to your video to make it interactive.

Make virtual reality walkthroughs and mobile-ready courses. Students can now create virtual tours of crisis management, safety drills, and first responder situations. You can easily import 360deg photos or videos and create a VR walkthrough. In addition, you can create courses with mobile-ready slides by using the asset store.

Talking-head Screencast and Application Simulation. Screencasts can be created by simultaneously recording the webcam and any on-screen content. You can also add a simulation module to your screencast by recording all of the on-screen actions, such as mouse movements, system audio, keyboard activity, and keyboard movement.

Create multi-module branched courses. Branching can be achieved without programming. Before your learners attempt a quiz, ensure they have completed each module.

Interactions, Out-of-box Assets, and Quizzing. HTML to speech and quiz slides are just a few features that you can customize by changing the text and adding your images.

Adobe Captivate 2019 lets you create engaging e-Learning courses that can be used on both desktops and smartphones. You can purchase and activate it online with discount.


Jumpstart Compliance and Soft Skill course creation with ready-to-go slides

Just plug-and-play your content in ready-to-go slides, or use Quick Start Projects to create beautiful, mobile-ready projects in minutes.

Convert existing PowerPoint Content to Interactive Videos

Record your PowerPoint content as a video and add cool interactions and knowledge check questions as overlays on top of your video.

Create Virtual Reality walkthroughs and Mobile ready courses

Create experiential learning such as – virtual tours, crisis management, safety drills, first responder situations and more. Create courses using mobile-ready slides from the asset store. Also, customize the fluid boxes and use the inbuilt course preview to see your content scale to different device sizes.

Talking-head Screencast and Application Simulation

Create a screencast by simultaneously recording webcam and on-screen content. Add a simulation module by capturing all on-screen actions like mouse movements, system audio, and keyboard activity.

Create Multi-module Branched Courses

Achieve branching without programming. Ensure your learners complete each module of the course before they can attempt a quiz.

Out-of-box Assets, Interactions and Quizzing

Text to speech, quiz slides and a host of plug-and-play interactions such as drag and drop, click and reveal that you can customize just by swapping in your images and replacing the text.

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